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Permaculture Garden coming up soon on IC campus!

February 25, 2012

Permaculture: a philosophy, a movement, and a design structure.  -Ian Graham



So far, winter in Ithaca has been relatively mild, but we still can’t wait for it to warm up a bit more.

This semester, a student research team of the Department of Environmental Studies in Ithaca College will be building a Permaculture Garden in the middle of the campus, next to Williams Hall!

This project is a demonstration of the student body’s interest in permaculture and sustainable landscaping, and was founded on the desire to replace the current ICES garden with a more self sustaining garden. We hope to implement the principles of ecological design and use student creativity to build a new shared space!  (there will also be two young dwarf pear trees coming soon)!

Edible forest plants, medicinal herbs, and garden vegetables will spring up to reclaim this under-utilized space.

We invite anyone interested in making this a welcoming place to get involved.

As soon as it gets warmer, we will get to work on the ground. We can’t wait!


More to come soon!

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