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May 7, 2012

Hello everyone!

Sorry that this blog wasn’t updated for a while–we’ve been really busy running around to make everything happen! And for those of you who walk past Williams Hall everyday, I’m sure you have been watching the garden on a real-time basis!

This is what it looked like before:

We had 3 sets of workdays so far this semester. More stuff is coming up!

March 30th: Building Pergolas!

We erected the posts for the trellis and pergola. The black locust wood was harvested locally and is naturally rot resistant. Thank you for the many people who came out to help us! We were excited to hear that someone saw us from the library and came and worked for the whole day!

April 15th: Soil Amendment Day

On April 11th, Dr. Nina Bassuk, professor and program leader of the Urban Horticulture Institute at Cornell University, came with her lab assistant, Pat McCree, and did a soil assessment for us–confirming our earlier analysis that the soil that we’re starting with is awful! Hence the soil amendment work day!

On the 15th, we removed some of the poor soil and mixed in rich compost! Preparing the ground for plants to put in the following week…♥

…and putting in bricks to keep the soil from moving to the sidewalk… (this was actually hard work)

We will post about our planting day we did on Earth Day!

Visit our facebook page to see more pictures! (You can access it even if you don’t have a facebook account)

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