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Permaculture Your Campus 2012

May 9, 2012

Wednesday of Finals Week… people that finish their exams early are starting to head home, and even if you’re still finishing up with your schoolwork, you’re probably procrastinating by thinking about the summer, aren’t you? (I am!)

Well, here is something you should add to your calendar and list of things to do in the summer!

There is going to be an international conference about permaculture at UMass, in Amherst Massachusetts!

The conference will include (from official website):

  • A brief overview of what is permaculture
  •  How permaculture gardens add value to your institution or organization
  •  The economics (costs and savings) of permaculture gardens
  •  Developing your action plan that will have your first project outlined, in detail, from start to finish.
  •  Looking at UMass Permaculture, a case study

The UMass Permaculture Initiative is awesome, actively changing the landscape (=permaculturing) their campus, and won first place of 1,400 applicants in the National President’s Campus Champions of Change Challenge!

If you register by May 16th, you get a discount on the registration price, so now is the time!


For more information about the conference, go to

And here is the website for the inspiring UMass Permaculture Initiative!–> UMass Amherst Permaculture


Hopefully, some of our members will be able to attend this conference too, so see you there 🙂

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