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The First Season Celebration

September 28, 2012

The First Season Celebration was the official opening of the permaculture garden to the Ithaca College community. We obviously haven’t kept it hidden, but we thought it was prime time to introduce the garden to our community!

The celebration was held at noon Friday, Oct. 5.  Attendees got to meet the the plants, enjoy the space, and to thank the many people that made the garden a reality . It’s been more than three years in the making, with numerous minds and hands that put this space together, and now the permaculture is a beautiful and delicious reality.

Students created a “get to know the plants” game, and made gourmet pesto from the various types of basil growing in the garden. Lemon balm and fennel teas were offered as healthy and refreshing beverages.

Way back in 2009 a group of freshman took a class with Karryn about sustainability principles and for their final project designed a plan to develop the forlorn space by Williams Hall into a forest garden. Little did they know that three years later an inspiration from their project would become reality. Students, recent graduates, faculty and community members have all bee involved in the research and development of this place.

The permaculture garden was designed with the purpose of more than just food production. What’s “more,” you ask? Stop by the garden to find out.

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