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Organic Matters

September 25, 2013

By: Elma Gonzalez

We hear a lot about the importance of consuming organic foods; and why wouldn’t we? Food and water are the two most significant fuel sources for our body, and if you think about it, the intake of organic food vs non organic food is almost equivalent to fueling your car with gasoline vs fueling your car with gasoline that has been watered down with preservatives, GMO’s, and other synthetic, chemical products. It only makes sense that the car would not run the same way as one that has been fueled with pure gas.

Such has been the popularity of organic foods that in 2011 sales reached $30 billion, or 4.2 percent of all U.S. food and beverage sales, tripling what it was in 2001. Yet, 4.2 percent is still quite a low and almost insignificant compared to the other 95.8 percent of non-organic food.

But don’t take it from me. Read what the Wall Street Journal reported earlier this year on the topic. They do a great job presenting the pro-organic argument and that of skeptics.

At Ithaca College some students and faculty are taking the initiative to promote organic living (and permaculture) with clubs and courses that educate students on this topic. Peruse through their organizations’ information, and check them out!

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