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Growing in the Garden…NOW!

September 15, 2016

Over the past week, a lot has been forming in our gardens here at IC. What do we see pictured?

In the first two images above, you can see some pea plants growing up, flowering, and curling around the netting provided. There are different ways for plants to climb. The way that peas do this is through their vine-y tendrils. These tendrils are slender and able to coil their way up, allowing the plant to adjust tension needed to keep growing strongly.

In images three and four, you’ll see broccoli growing (notice how we humans actually are eating the flower of this plant!), as well as kale and chard in image four.  The chard is not as similar to kale as you may think though. If you’ve ever eaten chard, you know that you’re also able to easily consume the celery-type stem that the leaves grow on. If you’ve tried to eat a kale stem…you honestly may still be chewing.  All three of these, though, have a more bitter taste to the leaves, but are still great to eat in a salad-hot or cold!

In the final image, I have pictured some soil. Because of our drought conditions this summer, it doesn’t look as rich as it should. I encourage you to notice the soils in different areas you may go: is it dense? rocky? What effect do you think different soil conditions have on the plants?

Until next time, here are some recipe ideas inspired by what’s in our gardens so you can eat what grows in Ithaca!


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