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Big Thanks

Thank you for helping make this garden a reality:

At Ithaca College:
The Environmental Studies and Sciences Department
Marian Brown and Sustainability at Ithaca College
Mark Darling, Sustainability Programs Coordinator
The Partnerships for Sustainability Education / Committed to Change Committee
Ernie McClachie, Chris Demkovich and the grounds employees
Michelle Jones, Energy Manager
Paula Turkon and the students in her Principles and Practices for Sustainability class
Karryn Olson-Ramanujan
Michael Smith
Zachary Newswanger and the facilities employees
Carol Hansen and Fabina Colon
Dean Leslie Lewis
All of you who showed up to help!
All of you who will enjoy the garden as it evolves.

Community members:
The Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute
Ross Fleming, Tommy Beers
Avi Baumgold, Travis Knapp, Josh Dolan
Nina Bassuk and Pat McCree
One Green World
Lee Ginenthal /¬† “Der Rosenmeister”
Bakers Acres in Lansing

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